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Hula Hoop class, Norfolk and Cambs
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Stretch Into Meditation Norfolk
Stretch Into Meditation Norfolk
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Hula Hooping - A low impact cardio workout - great for building core strength and improving posture.

Fitness Pilates - Designed to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and balance the mechanics of the body by working on posture, in particular, promoting a healthier back and stronger abdominal muscles. 

Stretch Into Meditation - A great way to promote health and well-being, increase your flexibility and become more self-aware.  In a nutshell - a fitness programme for the mind and body!

Looking to get fit /keep fit? Now you can choose from any of my styles of workout/fitness classes on offer in Norfolk.  Fitness Pilates, Stretch Into Meditation and Hula   Hoop Workout.  These exercise classes are a great way to better health and improved fitness levels.  You can get fit, have fun, burn calories and meet like-minded keep fitters!  Classes are suitable for any age or level of fitness.  Easy to learn moves - whatever your choice of exercise.  So why not try Fitness Pilates or maybe you would

like to free your mind of clutter by joining a Stretch Into Meditation class.  Or perhaps you fancy giving Hula Hoop/Hoola Hoop classes a spin in Norfolk.  

I know you are sure to find a class that suits you!

Hi I am Linda Mellor and I teach a range of classes for all levels of fitness at a number of locations around Norfolk.  



Do you want to get fit, have fun, burn calories and define your waistline like no other workout can? Or maybe you would like to become more flexible, more self-aware and free your mind of clutter?



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